"Seasons" Monthly Fiber Subscription - See Full Description Below

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Please Read - Monthly Fiber Subscription - "Seasons"

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Welcome to our very first GWFW Fiber Box Subscription!  I'm so excited about this new product.  Each month we will dye an exclusive colorway based on a seasonal photo.  It will be a surprise every month in your mailbox.  Won't this be fun?

The Basic Box will contain (1) 4 oz. braid of the variegated colorway fiber along with (2) 2 oz. braids of coordinating Semi-Solid colors.  

Your first box will contain a special booklet in which to put the monthly stickers that will be in each box.  The booklet contains space for writing which fibers you received and the ideas you have for them.  

Seasons is a 12 month subscription, and your subscription will automatically end 12 months after you sign up.  Please know you can change, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time.

Now, for the fun stuff!  You can choose from three different types of fiber boxes and three different sizes.  But, you don't have to stop there . . . you can order more than one type of box if you want to, too!  We won't stop you.


Box Type Descriptions

Each Box will rotate through the listed Combed Top Fiber

100% Wool Box 




Superfine Merino

Mixed Fiber Box

80% Polwarth/20% silk

50% Merino/25% Silk/25% Bamboo

60% Merino/20% Camel/20% Silk

Luxury Fiber Box

50% Yak/50% Silk

50% Camel/50% Silk

62.5% Superfine Merino/25% Silk/12.5% Cashmere


Size Descriptions

Basic - 8 ounces of Fiber

(1) 4 oz. Variegated and (2) 2 oz. coordinating Semi-Solid colors

Double Scoop - 16 ounces of Fiber - 5% Discount

(2) 4 oz. Variegated and (2) 4 oz. coordinating Semi-Solid colors

Triple Scoop - 24 ounces of Fiber - 10% Discount

(3) 4 oz. Variegated and (2) 6 oz. coordinating Semi-Solid colors



$5 Flat Rate monthly shipping on all USA orders, no matter what size or how many subscription boxes you order.  Oh, did I mention, you could order more than one type of box, if you wanted?  Yessiree!  Just add more than one box and shipping will still be a flat rate of $5


The Nitty Gritty of this Subscription

If you order before the 15th of the month, your first box will go out on the 25th of that month.  If you order between the 16th - end of the month, your first box will ship the 25th of the next month.  Our very first box will ship on April 25, 2024

Your first payment will be charged at the time you sign up.  Subsequent payments will be automatically made the 15th of each month beginning the month after you receive your first box.  All boxes will be shipped on the 25th of each month.

You can change, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time by accessing your customer portal in our shop, or by using a link sent in your first subscription email.  Of course, you can also personally contact me at any time using the contact form on our webpage.

Your subscription will continue for 12 months from your first box.  

Have fun!




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