Bag of Bits - OOAK Fiber Bags

Combination Bags of all different fibers and colors

Hand Dyed     OOAK

Each Bag has 4 ounces of Fiber


Our Bags of Bits are 4-ounce bags stuffed full of all different types and colors of fibers.  These are perfect for combo spins, felting, needle-felting, and especially for making rolags on a blending board.  

After we dye our fibers, we weigh the roving out into 4-ounce braids.  We always have a little bit of dyed fiber left over after this weighing process.  We put these bits into a huge bag and when we have a good collection of colors, we divide up the fibers into 4 ounce bags for you to play with.  Each bag is full of first quality bits of roving and combed top in a variety of fiber types and colorways.  You never know what you might get in the bag, but you can be assured, it will be very colorful!

The photos show just how much fiber is in one Bag of Bits.  Of course, the colors you receive will differ from the photo, but you get the idea.  Enjoy! 


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