*Second*  Glitter Roving - 1972 - 3 ounces

*Second* Glitter Roving - 1972 - 3 ounces

84% Superwash Merino   16% Gold Stellina Roving

Hand Dyed

1972 Colorway

3 ounce braid       Machine Washable

Space Dyed in 3-6 inch Sections

Note:  This braid weighs only 3 ounces instead of our usual 4 ounces.

Glitter Roving is a super sparkly, very soft blend of fibers with a fabulous glitter.  Photographs cannot capture just how sparkly it is.  This blend of fibers also takes color vibrantly.  It is a very special blend which will create a stunning project. 

Because this is a second, once it sells out, there is no more.  Please order all you need.

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