Firestar Roving - Shades of Denim

Firestar Roving - Shades of Denim

100% Nylon Firestar Roving

Hand Dyed

Shades of Denim Colorway

2 ounces       Not Feltable

Space Dyed in 3-6 inch Sections

Firestar is a shiny, soft 100% nylon fiber. It adds a wonderful sparkle when blended with wools and other fibers into batts. I like to spin it very fine with lots of twist and ply it with a thick and thin wool single for a fun and unique art yarn that looks almost beaded. Even though Firestar does not felt by itself, it works great as embellishment for both wet and needle felting. This package of 2 ounces will go a long way!

If you need a larger amount of Shades of Denim or of any of our colorways, please contact us.  We would be happy to dye some up for you.

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