Falkland Wool Roving - Arcade

100% Falkland Wool Roving

Hand Dyed

Arcade Colorway

4 ounce braid       Feltable

Space Dyed in 3-6 inch Sections


Falkland is a soft, easy-to-spin wool that is nice and springy and makes a lofty, round yarn.  It is soft enough to wear next-to-skin.  This wool is very popular with beginning spinners and anyone else who wants a fun, easy spinning fiber. Falkland also felts nicely.

If you need a larger amount of Arcade or of any of our colorways, please contact us.  We would be happy to dye some up for you.

Note, the yarn in the photo is made of BFL wool and is an example of how Arcade may spin up. 

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