Yak Silk Roving - OOAK - Dark Turquoise

Yak Silk Roving - OOAK - Dark Turquoise

50% Yak Down  50% Mulberry Silk  Roving

Hand Dyed

Dark Turquoise Colorway

4 ounce braid

Space Dyed in 3-6 inch Sections


We are well-known for our dyed luxury fibers and this 50/50 Yak/Mulberry Silk is what started it all.  Yak can be compared to cashmere in softness and also has a great depth of color from the dark undertones.  If you want something truly unique for your next project, you will want to play with this!

This blend does not felt, but some felters use it as a thin layer on top of a wool base.

Dark Turquoise is a one-of-a-kind colorway and cannot be repeated.

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