Oops! Assorted Braids of Roving - Twilight 2 - OOAK

Assorted Braids of  Roving

Hand Dyed

Twilight 2     OOAK Colorway

4 ounce braid       Feltable

Space Dyed in 3-6 inch Sections


Every once in a while a batch of fiber decides to take on the color in a different way than I planned and we call these our Oops! rovings.  Hmmm . . . sometimes life is like that, huh?  The light blue of our regular Twilight colorway turned over very, very light.  I actually really like this because it gives the roving more contrast in color.  So for all you who enjoy a little more lightness in color, this is for you!  This is truly a one-of-a-kind colorway because I don't even know how to repeat this.

We only have this one batch, so if you like it, grab it quickly.

We have just two different types of fibers in this Oops! batch.  We have Merino/Cashmere/Silk and we have Merino/Camel/Silk. 

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