Color Wheel Mystery Bag - OOAK Fiber Bags

Combination Bags of all different fibers and colors

Hand Dyed     OOAK

Each Bag has 7-8 ounces of Fiber


These Color Wheel Mystery Bags are 7-8 ounce bags stuffed full of all different types and colors of fibers.  These are perfect for combo spins, needle-felting, and especially for making rolags on a blending board.  

The bags are a random mix of any of our regular fiber bases.  We call these Mystery Bags because you don't know the fibers or the colors you will get, but you will get a great selection and enough to really play with!  The fibers will be in a rainbow of colors.  The fibers are not pre-drafted, so you will want to take a few minutes to open them up by hand if you want to spin directly from them.  Of course, you can use them straight onto a blending board or carder.  

The photos show examples of the Color Wheel Mystery Bags.  Please know we will choose one for you and it will most likely be different than the one pictured.  That's what is so much fun--it will be a surprise!  We've priced these at a good price and hope they will remind you of those grab bags you could have purchased back in the day at the dime store.  Have fun!


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