BFL Batts 4 ounces - Bountiful

BFL Batts 4 ounces - Bountiful

100% Bluefaced Leicester Wool

Hand Dyed


Bountiful Colorway

(4) 1-ounce batts


Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) Roving is our favorite all-around wool.  It is a soft, silky fiber that is great for beginning spinners or basically anyone who wants a nice, easy spin.  It had a longer staple length and drafts very smoothly.  It also has a nice sheen and drape.  BFL is feltable. 

We've hand-carded our braids of Bountiful colorway into batts.  This blends the colors of the original braid into a gentle watercolor-blending of color.  Our batts have a bit of texture so they will spin into a nice art-type yarn with lots of character. 

All our batts are one-of-a-kind and cannot be repeated and once they're gone, they're gone. 

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